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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 365, 2010 - The End.

Happy New Year!!!   Ashlea and Richie came over and we spent the evening playing Euchre.  We had lots of fun and then made homemade pizza... I should really say Doug made the pizzas.  The kids just wanted a cheese pizza... but Doug and I had this... Basil with Fresh Mozzarella... it was amazing!!

I've really enjoyed the Project 365, but have to admit I almost quit twice.  I'm glad I saw it through.  I got some awesome photos that I probably wouldn't have taken the initiative to take and, more importantly, I made some new friends.  Thanks so much for following me throughout 2010.  I'm not going to do a Project 365 in 2011, but will keep posting on my other blog.  Please come visit me there.  It's called Lorrie's Story.  It's more of a crafting blog, but in 2011, it will be changing to a "this and that" blog, including recipes, personal stories, as well as the crafty side of my life.

Thanks again for taking the time to follow my story and I hope you'll hope over to my other blog (click link above) and continue to be part of my life.  For those of you who I've followed over the last 365 days... You haven't gotten rid of me.. I'm still following you! :)


  1. Well you made it. Happy New Year Lorrie. Im glad you didn't quit.
    You know I will be over at your other blog and probably bugging you with help for my blog. LOL Just tell me to bug off it I pester you too much. Glad we got to know each other :)

  2. Congrats Lorrie. You made it through to the end. I wish I had! I haven't had a chance to call back, been cooking and cleaning all day for company tonight but I will call you in the morning. I need to start my new year blog and need to look for a new blog face! Happy New Year dear friend!

  3. Congrats on making it Lorrie. I won't be doing it again either.. I would like to but everyone hates it when I get the camera out... I hope you will stop by and see me on my other blog.. sandyfromukiah...

  4. I'm not going to do the challenge for 2011 either. I just have too many projects I need to finish. It was fun and I'm glad I got to know you and loved following your 365. I will still be popping over to your craft blog. I hope you and your family have a Happy New Year.

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