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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day 364, 2010

Bad Daisy!!!   Guess I am buying a new remote control during lunch today!  Daisy decided it looked like a tasty breakfast this morning.....


  1. Stopping by to Wish you Happy New Year Lorrie!

  2. OH NO, Bad Dog!!!. We had a first edition Harry Potter book that Bandit decided looked like lunch when he was a puppy. I could have killed him when we found out a mint conditon one was going for thousands of dollars. :(

    YOU DID IT, you made it a year of taking pictures. Im glad you did. It has been so much fun (for me, I know a lot of people find it hard to get thru this) following you and your family, dogs included.

  3. Oh - I am sure that Daisy is sorry about doing it now.