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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 350, 2010

Since we now have all that extra room, I thought it was time to put the new dishes we got for ourselves for Christmas!  LOL  Isn't that why we clean out space...?  Seriously, I love dishes, plates, etc.  I have wanted a new fun square set... so we bought the square set and the matching round set (top two shelves above).  they are by Bobby Flay.. a very rustic and eclectic set.. just like us! :)


  1. I love them and Doug did a great job making room for the new dishes.

  2. I love those. Square plates make me go nuts because I love them so much. I have Square Mario Batalli Plates and love them! Have fun!

  3. fabulous plates. Robert hates that I serve him on paper plates. LOL guess I should invest in a nice set. don't get me wrong we have them I just don't like to wash them LOL