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Monday, December 20, 2010

Day 354, 2010

My cookie jars!   When Doug and I first met, either Ashlea or I literally made cookies at least every other day.  Doug bought me the bear cookie jar.  We lived in a log cabin at the time and it went with the motif, plus he loves bears.  A couple years ago my co-worker got me the snowman cookie jar for Christmas... he only comes out in the winter.  Right now, they are full of yummy goodness

I know I post a lot of dog photos... but I wanted to show you how Katie thinks she is a human.  She is sitting on her tush in the chair watching TV... this is nothing new... she's such a character and she is sooo happy her bubba is home.


  1. awww love this picture...she looks sooo comfy!
    Merry Christmas Lorie!!!

  2. I absolutely love that Pink Snowman cookie jar. I bet it was fun living in a log cabin. I love seein pics of Katie with Alex. you can tell she loves him so much. Our old dog rocky use to sit like that and sleep under the covers with a pillow. LOL

  3. Oh what a cute picture of Alex and Katie.