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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day 103, 2010

Look what my baby boy just brought home tonight. His Cap and Gown and announcements. Next month he graduates!! :)..... :( Not sure what I'm feeling right now. I'm very excited for him, but I just can't believe he's all grown up.. when did that happen?!!??!


  1. Oh Lorrie, I know what you are feeling, my Alex graduated last May... it's hard to let know, but you and your kids are so close. You are blessed

  2. Great picture. He actually looks happy in it!

  3. Congrats to him. I hear what your saying. My son graduates in June and it's just another sign of them growing up. Mine dosen't get his cap and gown till they have rehearsal.

  4. I will be doing this again next yr. He does look pretty happy. Its ok since he's not going very far from home. Mine wants to go far away :(