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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day 107, 2010

Well we did have a double header today (2 games), but I didn't take photos for you of Alex batting for a change! LOL I did go to the ballpark and afterward I took a photography class at a local camera shop and when I got home I was excited to go out and try out the Shutter Speed/Aperature/ISO settings (don't think for a moment I actually understand any of that, but I know how to change them! LOL) Anyway.. here's my photo of water in motion. I wish it was faster moving water because I was trying to see the difference in freezing motion and making it appear as a blur... but the water from our fountain is not fast enough to see much of a difference. Anyway... it is what it is. :)


  1. wow you took one class and came home and got this. It took me a whole sememster to figure out the aperatures/ISO'S and shutter speeds. Great job.

  2. WOW!!!! An awesome shot!!! Ohhhh I would love to have the time to take a class.

  3. I took a class online and I still can't remember and figure out what the apps ISO's and speed needs to be. I just leave the dang thing on auto.

  4. Oh Lorrie, this is an awesome picture...