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Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 200, 2010

OK, I wasn't going to post this, but I thought it was kinda cute/funny. The other night when I went to the fair with my girlfriends, this guy gave this note to Jodie and asked her to give it to me. I threw it away, but I did take a picture to show my other friend in Florida, I just came across it on my phone. I blotted out the phone number.... Deb, another friend who was at the fair called him and pretended to be me... well, no it wasn't nice, but seriously.... c'mon! LOL At least he didn't say.. You're PURDY!


  1. Alright girl. A little boost now and then never hurt anyone. So when she called him did she get a date or did she tell him it wasn't you?

  2. I agree with Carol, a girl needs a little appreciation every now and then from someone other than their significant other. I would have done the same thing and have someone call just to mess with him. LOL

  3. She called and said. It's Lorrie I couldn't wait till Sunday to call you. Then she asked him what he was wearing to which he replied....just a smile. Lol. She hungup and he continued to call her back as we walked the fair. Lol. You had to be there it was funny.

  4. LOL... you are so BAD Lorri... :-)