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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day 204, 2010

Can you believe in all the moving yesterday, I forgot to take photos??? Geesh...! This is/was Ashlea's room. It's pretty much emptied out now.. except her desk. They ran out of time/energy and daylight before she got that moved. Of course, she knows she's got to come back and finish cleaning up. My first project is to repaint the walls white... she had orange and magenta theme in her room. It was cute for her, but it's very bright!!! :)


  1. What an emotion day for you. :-( I can understand why you forgot.. hugs

  2. You better get the primer out for those dark walls. I hate painting. :(

  3. whoa that is really bright, but I bet it looked good with all her stuff in it.

  4. Love the walls !! What are you going to do with her room?