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Monday, November 1, 2010

Day 305, 2010

Happy Birthday, Alex!  I can't believe you are 19 years old today!

Every since you were born, I worried and wondered about whether or not I was being the best parent I could be.  Did I make you feel important?  Did we find enough time for the little things that live on in happy memories, like laughter and hugs and "just-between-us" moments?  Even when we disagreed, did you always know I loved you?

Of all the things in my life that I might have, could have or should have done differently, there's one thing I'd never change, and that's having you for a son.

If I didn't always find a way to say it, I hope I always showed it - I'm so proud to be your mom.  I love you, Alex.   You always make me want to shout... ."That's MY son!".

Hope you have a wonderful birthday, wish I could be there to celebrate this wonderful day with you.  We love you.

                 ` love,


  1. Oh Lorrie, that made me want to cry. How beautiful your words are.. and I know you were the BEST mom ever. What a cutie he was and now he has grown into a handsome young man..

  2. Ok Lorrie, you went and did it. you made me cry. But tears of joy. That is what every mom thinks and wants to say to their child. I know Alex knows you love him with all your heart. Wish him a very Happy Birthday.

  3. Now that you got us all crying...What a great way to put how you feel. He was and still is a little cutie....