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Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 312, 2010

I am still exhausted from the time zone change from traveling and then the Daylight Savings time change... ugh.  When we were gone we were in Arizona (which never changes time), so eventhough this map shows them 2 hours behind us... they are three prior to Daylight savings time... so what I'm saying.. is this.  I got up at 4AM our time to travel to Phoenix.  We ate Dinner at 7:30 (their time), which is 10:30 PM MY time!.. then I wake up because I, like most people have an internal time clock which wakes me up at precisely 6am everyday... well that was 3AM their time.... and so it went for 3 more days.. and then I come home and try and readjust... and now we changed the clocks... UGH... Why can't everyone just be on the same time?!?!?! :)