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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day 34, 2010

My new computer arrived today! I'm so excited! I've been working on a laptop since I went mac a few years ago. We've got desktop PC's in the house, the kids have one and we had a general one in our den, but I never use it, I really prefer mac and have always used the laptop for everything, now I can sit and use a big screen which will be really nice for my digi work. I'm sooo excited. I had it delivered to my office because I didn't want it to sit outside all day... it wasn't supposed to be here until tomorrow and it showed up today, I almost cancelled my hair appointment after work because I was too excited to get home and play. I still can't play, I'm working on loading my software which is going to take awhile. Isn't she PRETTY!!! :)


  1. yes she is a beauty allright!! What size is your moniter?

  2. I seem to be afraid of mac, not sure why but pc seems 'safe' to me,lol..... maybe i know my brain will hurt trying to learn something new :) looks like your going to have fun with your digi work.

  3. Brenda, it's a 27" monitor... takes some getting used to.. it's big!

    Bridgette, I was the same way until I finally did it, it's not all that unlike Windows to use, except none of the blue screens, viruses or other problems. On my laptop I do have the option to run Windows so that I can use my DS, SCAL, etc.

  4. I love your new Computer screen. I really need a bigger one. I've only used Mac once an that was in a class i was taking at the community college. Took some getting use to.

  5. WELCOME TO THE IMAC FAMILY!!!! I love ours.....will be getting another one soon :) I'm going to start designing digi kits :) :) woo hoo!!!

  6. Wowsers! I thought my 24" monitor was BIG but this one is HUGE!! Nice screensaver!