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Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 46, 2010

Breakfast for dinner?!!?!? Ashlea requested Biscuits and Gravy for dinner last night. I have to admit, it sounded good to me too. So that's exactly what I made. It's snowing here again and something about B & G is so warm and cozy... Do you ever have Breakfast for dinner?


  1. ohhh this does look sooo yummy! I taught Gary how to make it and he does it sooo much better than me...we been using the maple flavored sausage and boy is it ever good!

  2. Oh how yummy, Brent likes breakfast for dinner but Alex doesn't. Everett just wants dinner.

  3. I never eat breakfast food for breakfast but I will eat it for other meals. :) They look yummy. I think you are channeling Martha Stewart. :)

  4. my kids don't like the idea of having breakfast for dinner. But I'd love to have some Biscuits and gravy anytime.

  5. We eat breakfast for dinner quite often. Your B&G looks delicious.