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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 35, 2010

OK ladies, I'm still messing around with the new computer, so I have nothing exciting to take a photo of... I just took this with Photobooth from the computer. LOL (Yes, I have no life!) Anyway, I had a great opportunity for an awesome picture. this is what happened: I was coming home, (I live on a fairly busy road) and I noticed the traffic up a ways was backed up and I couldn't tell why.. well I figured it out pretty quickly. There was a big deer just walking down the middle of the road, not scared, not trying to get away.. just walking down the centerline of the road between two lanes of traffic. When he got to my car he decided to get over and I thought he was going to walk right up and over my car, but then he moved over at the last minute, if I would've rolled my window down I could've touched him. He continued down the middle of the road until he was out of my sight. I'm pretty sure he was heading to McDonald's, as I saw they had a sign out about their new BigMac Wraps. So, the long and short (ok, not so short) of it was I was so shocked to see him I didn't think to TAKE A PHOTO! I think he must've gotten hit or been injured because he was just dazed walking down the road.


  1. Oh how sad about the deer. Isn't photo booth so much fun!

  2. Love the picture. I hope the deer was ok...

  3. I hope the deer was ok too.. very interesting picture

  4. I love this pic. It makes me think of star trek moving at warp speed, LOL