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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day 65, 2010

My friends, Jodie (brown shirt) and Lori (Blue shirt). We went to a couple of really small towns today thrifting. It was a great time. I picked up some really great deals. We were on the hunt for scrapping things, but found several other items. Jodie and Lori and I went to school together from 3rd grade until we graduated. The two of them even longer than that.


  1. How fun... it's great to have friends to do things with...

  2. How fun. Gosh is it day 65? I didn't even take photos this week at all! I love small little towns. Come down here and I will take you to Grapevine, that is really the name of the town!

  3. how cool. Its so much fun when you can get together with such good friends and have a wonderful time just hanging out.

  4. That's cool you guys keep in touch and hang out after all those years...