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Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 127, 2010

Alex's Senior Prom was tonight. He went with Nicole who is just a friend. He has a big group of friends that have all grown up together and run around together.

This is most of the group that I was speaking of earlier. They are really all a very nice bunch of kids. The girl that Alex is kind of dating is the one in the short dress just behind him. (Don't tell him I told you.... ) :)

And this photo is Alex and Myles (his best friend). He and Myles are going to be rooming together at I.U. next year and they've been friends for years. They are both captains of the baseball team....along with Mike, another good friend).

Of course we have to have a picture with mom and sister.

And here's a shot of Alex and Beth.

I took over 160 photos tonight! So it's hard to narrow it down to just a few to show.


  1. Ok so if he's kind of dating Beth how come he didn't go with her to the prom? Great pictures and what fun such a big group to hang out with. That is a really pretty staircase. Alex looks very handsome, and his date is very pretty :)

  2. Your pictures are so nice. I love the staircase for the pics. My Daniel's is next weekend. I'm going to the hotel to take his pics. He didn't want to go and I'm so glad he changed his mind. I love my pictures.

  3. Bridget.... I asked the same question... and I was told "Long story". :)

  4. Wow they all look great!! How did it go taking the friend and not the girl friend? They are both so gorgeous and Alex looks so handsome and grown up!!!

  5. What beautiful pictures.. Alex looks so handsome. Of course you have to have a picture of mom and sister with him. And I love that staircase too.