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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day 132, 2010

This is my front yard after the gas work today... wonderful. This is just the gas work. We still have sanitary, water, power, telephone, cable, etc that will all be reworked.

The above picture is my road... nice, eh?!!? They took all the pavement off last Saturday.. talk about a bumpy ride! I took this picture standing at the end of my driveway. This is the way to work, school, grocery...everywhere!

This picture is my neighbor across the street's front yard... Isn't it pretty!! :(

I came home from work today to no gas. I told you earlier that they are widening our road, well today they had to shut the gas off (Call me crazy, but I would think they would notify the homeowners in advance that they were going to do this?!?!... just a thought?!?!?) When I got home there's a note on the door "Your gas has been shut off due to work on the gas lines in your local area... please cal 1-800 xxx xxxx and we will send a service tech to your location as soon possible to turn the gas back on"... WHAT!?!?!? It's 55 degrees here today, so needless to say the house was cold...(gas furnace) so I think.. I'll take a hot bath and warm up... as I'm walking to the bathroom I think... wait GAS hot water heater... better not do that. OK... well, I'll get dinner started.... a few steps... GAS Stove, Gas Grill.....I end up eating take out. The Gas Company did show up and turn the gas back on, they have to come inside and test all your applicances and furnace to make sure there's no air in the line and your pilot anyway it's warm now.. Oh and look at the lovely front yard now!!! Did I mention it's been raining all day?!? Guess I'll pass on the carwash for the next month! Oy Vey.... they say this project is going to take ALL summer. They are increasing from two lanes to four, adding sidewalks, curbs and a bike lane. I'm sure you'll get updates often, I'm already tired of it! LOL


  1. Oh my... that doesn't look or sound like fun at all. :-(

  2. Are they taking any of your property for the road widening? We had problems with a local widening project here where the landowners weren't given the true value of their land.

  3. bummer, glad the gas is turned back on. I don't think I could handle this going on in my front yard all summer long.

  4. Wow that's going to be fun. It looks like you live out in the country. It's so green. We are not use to

  5. Wow -- I thought ours was a mess when they installed gas lines but yours ---- oh my! I feel for you, Lorrie! Hopefully, it won't last tooooo, too long.