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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Here it is... he's receiving his diploma... he's official!!! I made it with just a few tears... I just looked at his face and how excited he was and the sorrow turned to joy... he is such a good son, friend and brother.

After the ceremony with Ashlea.

Mom, Ashlea and the Graduate...Alex... :)

Check this out.... Uh...huh... that's my boy!!! :) :) :)


  1. Congratulations Alex. Great pictures Lorrie

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  3. Congratulations Alex and Lorrie. You must be a very proud mama. Wishing him all the best as he goes out into the world/college :)

  4. What great pics. He graduated with honors. Way to go. Your pics look like you were close. We are going to be so far away I hope I can get some decent ones.

  5. Carol,
    Actually we were in the second to last row!!! LOL I took my telephoto lens and I moved for the diploma shot. I just got up and walked right up close to the stage and snapped that photo.