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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day 147, 2010

The boys are in Sectionals now. If we lost this game this would be Alex's Final Game (he's not playing in college)... however.... we WON.. 9 to 2. Sooooo, now we play Saturday. Yes, that's right... graduation at 1:00 and Sectional game was supposed to be a 4:00, but now they changed it and we play at 7:00. The boys have to be on the field at 3:45.... so much for celebration time. By the way, Alex is #2 in the picture. We sat in chairs on the 3rd base line, so it was hard to get close ups of the players on the field with my purse camera.


  1. I really like this shot. How can they do that to the kids making them play on graduation day. Oh well enjoy the time you can to celebrate and I hope they win :)

  2. Very nice picture, but Lorrie all of your pictures are awesome.