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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day 148, 2010

I've had a Blackberry phone for what feels like forever. I was determined I would not get a new phone until Verizon came out with the IPHONE... well my Blackberry started just randomly shutting itself off every once in awhile and now lately it's been doing it 3-4 times a day. I don't get messages half the time, and who knows what else I lose when it decides to take a nap. I decided to do a little googling and see what my options were. I ended up with this the "Droid Incredible", which as far as most internet reviews go is better / faster than the Iphone. It's supposed to be the fastest phone in the world. It was just released on April 29th and was backordered due to high demand. It arrived today, so far I'm loving it, but a bit of a learning curve. Bye bye Blackberry.... hello Mr. Incredible! :) I'm sure as soon as my 30 days are up Verizon will announce "We now carry the IPHONE!"


  1. We are an Iphone family (well at least4 of them are. Me and Brandon are deprived. LOL I've heard good things about the droid. Enjoy your new phone :)

  2. How fun... I have been wanting an Iphone.