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Friday, January 1, 2010

Day 1, 2010 - Project 365

Happy New Year everyone!!!

For my very first picture of the very first day of my very first Project 365, I took a picture of my girlfriends that I spent today, January 1, 2010, scrapping with. The one on the right is Jodie (the one who introduced me to this scrapping addiction), and the one on the left is my friend Lori. I went to school with both Jodie and Lori from elementary through high school. We have a lot of fun scrapping together, but normally end up not getting nearly enough done, but laughing and talking alot.


  1. awww what an awesome way to start thre year!
    Your blog looks awesome!! You did a beautiful job!

  2. Wow Lorrie, I love your blog, it's so cheerful. And I love your music.

  3. Lorrie, I love the very first picture of the very first day of your very first Project 365. Very apropos! ;-)

  4. what a nice way to start off the new year. Scrapping with some life long friends.

  5. Amazing stuff! Like I said at dinner yesterday, I'm afraid to start scrapping for fear of "losing my soul" AND my pocketbook. :) But I admit, after seeing all of your beautiful creations, I just may have to start.

    Your blogs are great. I look forward to following them.