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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 16, 2010

Today I took my baby girl to try on wedding dresses. A bittersweet challenge. The first of the favorites that she tried on brought tears to my eyes. So hard to believe what a wonderful young woman she has become. I'm so proud of her. I have more photos of all of them, but it was obvious which one we liked the best by the photos we took... so after you tell me your favorites, I'll show you more close ups and the back of the winner... (at least the one she likes the best at this point). She was so excited she didn't want to take the dress off and she grinned ear to ear... I'm pretty sure this is the ONE. She looked absolutely beautiful in all of them.. but these were the top three favorites. She's 100% positive on the one she likes the most, and I agree with her choice, but I'm not going to tell you which one... tell me which one you like.. #1 being the first one under this writing and #3 being the bottom... Here we go:

Choice #1:

Choice #2:

Choice #3


  1. Oh what an exciting happy sad time in your life. All the dresses are just gorgeous, but I vote for #1

  2. I vote for #3 but I have a feeling it is #1. I like 3 because it has a classic sense of beauty to it! What a fun day.

  3. I would be crying too. How sweet. You guys look alot alike... They are all so beautiful but I tend to like #2 because I like the way it fits...

  4. your potd brought tears to my eyes.... my life went in fast forward from my little girl @ 21 months to trying on wedding dresses.... such a bittersweet time. I absolutely love #1 but maybe its just her beautiful smile. oh, what a special time for the two of you... good luck with all the planning :)

  5. Your daughter looks beautiful in all 3, but I am going to say #1.

  6. OMG, they're all beautiful in their own way. My first choice was #1. Then I saw #2 and thought, nope -- that's the one. So now to pick:- I'm going w/ #1. I love the beadwork on the bottom & bodice.

    Geeez, I would be tearing up thruout the whole thing.

    I bet #2's back is gorgeous! Okee -- I change my mind:- #2 :-)

    Can you tell that I make decisions in life, really quickly? LOL

  7. What a hard choice. There is something I like about each one. But, I think #3 is my pick.

    Your daughter is beautiful. What a wonderful, joyous time for you both.

  8. awww Lorrie she is sooo beautiful!!!
    I love her in all of them but #1 is my pick.
    What an awesome day for you!!