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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 20, 2010

This is Lacey. We had her spayed last week and she keeps chewing on her stitches, so we took her to the vet yesterday and he gave us one of those cones to put on her head (along with antibiotics).. well Lacey will only walk backwards with the cone on..LOL (I'm dead serious), so we thought that was kind of cruel to have our kitten moonwalking all over the house.... so here's our solution. A sock I had left over from my foot surgery. We (Ashlea and I) cut a hole on both ends so it was a tube, then cut leg holes... and to make it stay up over her stitches, we threaded a ribbon through the top and tied a bow on top. Lacey is not real happy with us right now, but at least she's walking forwards!


  1. Oh how funny Lorrie.. love the picture..

  2. That's pretty funny moonwalking.....

  3. OH she looks so cute. What a great idea!!!

  4. I couldn't help laughing, but all I could do was imagining her doing the moonwalk to one of MJ's songs. Glad she is moving forward now.

  5. Ahhhhh, poor li'l Lacey! Hope she's feelin' better real soon. Love the revamped bandage!

  6. awww this is tooo cute!!!very clever of you Lorrie!!