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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day 23, 2010

Saturday - Today started with me getting up and quickly calling Comcast because last night I was talking to Snowmanlover on my cell phone and we kept getting disconnected so I tried to call her back from the house phone and there was no dial tone on my phone which led to a call to Comcast repair department....ok.. I'm getting to my Anywho.... the doorbell rings it's the Comcast guy and he goes to work... about two minutes later the bell rings again... another Comcast Guy and a another truck.... hmmm.. must be a major problem.... another five minutes go buy and, yep, you guessed it... truck #3, guy #3. WOW! Must be a real doozey! They tell me it appears like I have a phone off the hook (we've unhooked all the phones in the house, the DirecTV, everything).... so they have to start tracing the lines in the house because a line has gone bad. My home is an older home, so apparently that complicates matters. Guy #3: "Do you have a basement or a crawlspace?".. ME: "Crawlspace". Guy #3 "Where is the access"... Me: (Thinking OMG he's not going to go down there and if I open that closet where the access is I'm really going to be embarrassed) "You're not going to go down there are you?".. Guy #3: "I hope not, but I need to look"... Me: "Oy Vey.".. I open the closet and it's like one of those closets you see on tv.. you open it and there's not one available space in there.. the access to the crawlspace is on the floor, so I start lugging things out... he looks and nope.. no problem down there... (THANK YOU VERY MUCH)... I put it all back in... then he starts looking around and says where's the attic...? OK, now I'm thinking to myself.. "are you freakin' kidding me?!!! It's worse than the closet you were just in!"... so after terrible humiliation they finally got the phone line fixed.. and guess where the problem was... OUTSIDE!

After all that humiliation and swearing to clean out the closets... Doug and I went to Hacienda for a margarita and a shot of Tequila...Arrrrrriiiiibbbbaaaaaaa!


  1. Oy Vey, what a day, girlfriend!!
    You needed that Margarita!!!
    My day started with my Microsoft Word not working. After an hour on the phone with Apple and missing my Apple appt. I gave up!! Spent the rest of the day on my workshop and went to La Hacienda for dinner!!!
    (I can relate to not putting a toe in a closet!)

  2. Glad you found your problem, Lorrie. Frustrating when you don't have any communication.

    OMG, I can soooo relate. The same thing happened to me. Only one li'l difference:- I kept saying:- "are you sure it isn't a problem outside from the wind/rain?" He replies (I only had one guy! lol) "noooo, we have to check inside first." Me: "wouldn't it just make sense to check the box outside first?" Him: "noooo, rules are we check everything inside first." Wellllll, you guessed it:- couldn't find anything wrong inside but guess where it was? --- yeppers! the outside box -- from the wind/rain. Hmmmmmm, maybe I should be a cable gal! LOL

  3. They must all go to the same dumb school. This has happened several times with our cable connection. And guess where our inside box is. Yep in my closet. Always have to move things around only to find out its out at the curb or side of the house that the problem is. I would have loved to have a margarita with you sometime. Im glad your phone lines are working now. :)

  4. In Ohio I can't get 1 to show up and you get 3!!!They had ME go out in the rain with my phone and plug it in out side while they were on the phone to see if I could fix I had Aden that day!!!Ohhh I was sooo mad that day!