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Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 18, 2010

For some time now everytime someone picks up my purse they make a comment... like "Geesh.. what's in here?".... well it occurred to me that it's all a sign of the times. In my purse at this very moment I found all these electronics: my ipod, my Blackberry, camera and my FLIP video. Now this doesn't even account for the normal things, wallet, makeup, pens, checkbook and all the things that seem to collect in a mother's purse. I could probably do without the FLIP in my purse, I rarely feel the need to catch something on video... but what IF I need it and don't have it? The camera I could probably do without, there is a camera on my phone for those unexpected moments...but now that I'm doing Project 365 it only makes sense to have a camera with me... and ok, I can do everything on my Blackberry that I can on the IPOD so I could get rid of it.. but the internet is soooo much faster on the IPOD.... well maybe tomorrow I'll take something out.. for today it all goes back in.


  1. almost looks like my purse. Except for the blackberry. If someone every came after me I could take them out with one swing of my purse. LOL

  2. I can relate and I have a small purse. Now I put my purse in my bigger Vera Bag because of the camera.

  3. what would we do without all the fun stuff.. what did we use to do?! I'm not all that good on keeping my camera with me but i never leave without my blackberry.. I'm in the process of looking for a smaller camera so I dont have to buy a bigger purse,lol. I think if i did it would have to be a suitcase of some sort...