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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 233, 2010

Well here it is.. loaded and ready. Tomorrow morning 7am we take Alex to IU. His dad has the rest of his things in his truck and my back seat is full... I thought a boy would be easy.. who knew they needed this much stuff, too?!??! When Alex's dad came up to load up his truck he asked Alex to spend the night with him so he could spend some time with him..(which I totally get).. I was not expecting it. It is so weird tonight.. he's gone.. he's really gone....


  1. Oh Lorrie I know how u r feeling. Sending u big hugs

  2. Oh no! your house is empty. What are you doing to do??? Big hugs.

  3. Oh Lorrie I feel your pain. It's so hard not to know what they are doing when they are not home. Mostly worried that they are ok. I would say it gets easier but it hasn't so much with mine. Daniel decided to live with his Dad the last year of High School. It was the hardest thing for me. At least Daniel is going to college at UNLV for the first two years so he will still be in town. Big Big hugs to you....