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Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 232, 2010

Up early today and today is the day I actually moved all of this stuff into the room. Excuse the tools there by the door... that's for tomorrow. Doug is going to move all my Bygel rods tomorrow.. the punches on the back of the door are just the ones that won't fit on my rods.... so excited to have this room for crafting. It's bright and happy.... tomorrow it's packing day for Alex, Sunday we take him to I.U.... then I'll sit down and enjoy this room.


  1. Sad for you that Ashlea moved out, but great that you inherited her room for crafting. I guess the wedding is soon, eh?

    You're going to have soooo much fun in that space!

  2. Love the room... do you think you have enough stuff??? lol

  3. Oh Lorrie, I am glad you chose a sunny yellow. I love it. Mine is turning into an old gold. Your room looks really great!

  4. I wish my room was that neat. It's out of control especially if I'm working on a project. Your very organized. That's great.

  5. You lucky girl. Was this Ashley's room? I would love to have my own craftroom again.