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Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 235, 2010

Forgot I took these pictures until I uploaded the ones from yesterday. This was Alex's fairwell dinner the other night. He wanted to go to Olive Garden, which surprised me because he's never been there. Usually my kids choose a steak house of some sort when they get to pick. Anyway... we had a nice time and great food and I'm using these for my POTD. :)

From all the painting, moving my craftroom and moving Alex I am terribly sore today. I can't even lift my Anyone know where a vat of BenGay is that I can jump in??? UGH.... I'm old.


  1. LOL.. a vat of BenGay. You are so funny Lorrie. Great pictures.

  2. Olive Garden was a good choice. We love going there. Alex sure does look happy about the whole things :)

  3. Now you can unwind a little after the stressfull weekend. He looks like he is very excited about being off to college. Now get in that brand new scrap room and get busy. We want to see some results....