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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day 280, 2010

As I was walking into work today I was stopped at the door and told don't go in there!  You could hear this really loud sound which sounded like someone opened up a steam valve (a really big steam valve).  Apparently, they were digging in front of our building and hit a main high pressure gas line and natural gas was spewing into the air).  They had to evacuate several of the surrounding buildings.  My co-worker and I went with some other evacuees to a nearby restaurant to "wait it out", but we were soon informed it was going to be an all day repair, so my boss said we could go home.  It made CNN news... I guess it was a kind of a big deal.    The had to close down the entire South Bend downtown as a spark from a car or whatever could cause an explosion.  Yikes


  1. That is very scary, but at least no one was hurt and you got a day off. Did you get paid? lol