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Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 298, 2010

 This is the shot I tried to show before... remember the wallpaper going up the stairs
 Obviously a shot of the stairwell.  There used to be very drab beige wallpaper with blue flowers going all the way up the stairs and all down the upstairs hallway.  It was very country looking.
 This is the upstairs hall.  Looks 1000% better.  That's Alex's doorway :)... my craft room is directly behind me.. and you can't see it, but the guest room is to the left of Alex's door as you are looking at the photo...
The front doors... they were a "Poopy brown" color (sorry, but they really were).  They look so much better white.

So the painters are all done (finished up around noon today).  I'm so glad it's done.  They also painted and repaired a ceiling in my formal dining room that had some water damage from the previous owners.  It doesn't look like big project, but there was 3 layers of wallpaper, latex and oil based paint layers under that... plus it's the entryway to the house.  I've done all the rest of the painting and wallpaper removal in the house myself, but I just didn't want to tackle this.  So glad it's done before Thanksgiving!


  1. I didn't see all the rest, I just saw the doors, wow, it looks so nice and clean.. love what you have done...