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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day 284, 2010

 Well today is my birthday.  A 44th Birthday to be exact.  Doug got me flowers and had them on the counter when I came out to feed the cats this morning.   Happy Birthday to me! :P!

While I had the camera out... couldn't resist the photo op of Daisy.  She looks like she's winking doesn't she!?!?  LOL  Would've been a great photo if she hadn't done that!  Crazy dog.  Notice the chewed up piece of that stuff you put under rugs so they don't slide.... bad dog, Daisy. :(


  1. Happy Birthday again to you Lorrie, I hope you have a WONDERFUL day. Look like you are on a good start, how sweet of Doug to leave flowers on the counter.
    Oh Daisy, shame on you, good thing we all love you.

  2. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Lorrie, Happy Birthday to you. What a sweet surprise. I hope you had a beautiful day.

  3. Happy Birthday Lorrie. Your flowers are beautiful. I'm a Libra too. Mine was the 10th but not near Your Daisy is so cute don't spank her mom for the chewing.

  4. Oh Lorrie, the flowers really are pretty and very fallish !! Daisy must know it is her Mama's b'day. !!!