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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 300, 2010

Day 300... can you believe it!?!?!   WOW!    Alex's birthday is November 1.  I made his card so I could get it in the mail so he gets it on time.  Yes, sadly I won't see him.  Halloween is a huge weekend at IU.  He's got lots of things planned, a football game on Saturday, among other things.. there's lots of Halloween Parties.. and of course his birthday to celebrate with his friends... So... for the first time ever, I'm going to miss it... :(    I am leaving for a trip for work on Tuesday, so I won't see him till probably Thanksgiving, but he is going to get his birthday present tonight.. he wants a new phone... a DroidX... whoooo! :)   He has to take a bus to get to the Verizon store, and a friend was going to go tonight, so he's getting it a few days early.

He told me a funny story... he was in class today and four kids in costumes walked in the class and said to the professor.. "we're sorry to interrupt your class, but we feel a party".. and they started dancing... then left.  LOL   Isn't that funny?!!!


  1. Im sad that you won't get to see him. Im sure he's going to love his new phone. Too bad you couldn't have gotten a picture on it with you holding up a sign wishing him a Happy Birthday. im going to tell Dominic about the quick party dance. Im sure he will try it.

  2. Sorry you won't get to see Alex for his BD. His card is beautiful, tho!!! How did you make those letters???

  3. I know how you are feeling about not seeing Alex for his birthday, my Alex was in Kentucky for his 19th birthday in April. They grow up so fast... I am sure he is loving his new phone. Happy birthday Alex...

  4. Darn you won't see him till Thanksgiving and have to miss his BD. I love the funny story he told. These kids do the funnest things.