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Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 288 2010

My spice cabinet.  Doug and I love to cook and it seems we've got quite the collection of spices.  I never really thought about it until my girlfriend was over here and I opened the cupboard to add something to the chili.. and she was like... WHOA.. that's not normal! LOL 


  1. That looks like ours too. Ours is on a door. I think Harry and Doug would have fun cooking together and you too. I like to bake but not cook.

  2. Yes, that is alot of spices, but so nice to have them on hand when you need a certain one.

  3. I like that. We have tons too. I should organize my cabinet someday.

  4. Whoa that's a lot of spices. I don't cook enough to warrant that.