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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 297, 2010

Well I decided to just upload the photos from my other computer (I try to keep all my P365 stuff on my laptop, so I'm not going back and forth when I make my layouts trying to find the photos) - but just heard from Apple and it's going to be Monday before they call me back. :(

Anyway... is there anything better than homemade mac 'n cheese?  Yummo!  I made a batch and made too much sauce, so I made a second batch and sent it home with Ashlea.  I know.. another food shot... seriously.. I have no photographic subjects!!  It's getting dark so early here it's hard to get out and take shots after dinner... so.. here ya go.. another food shot! :)

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  1. nothing wrong with a food shot. I can't believe how many food blogs that are out there. And no there is nothing like home made mac and cheese.