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Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 158, 2010

I got this beautiful and adorable card from Barb (aka Snowmanlover) today. It was much appreciated. Today started out with me in the shower and "KaBang" I hear glass shattering. With all of the road work we're having the house is constantly vibrating, the ground is moving, it's chaos! Well apparently we had enough today to cause a glass vase to move off the shelf and shatter all over the bathroom tile floor. Then, I go to work.. boss is a grouch today. To top it off, I come home and my neighbor who lives in the house behind me yells over the fence..."Are you looking for your cat?" I ask which one and she says "Lily... she got hit.. I have her". :( I lost ANOTHER cat. The white kitten. Again, with all the construction, the traffic has diverted back through the neighborhood and people just don't drive slow like they should.. she got hit this morning and the neighbor got her for me, covered her and put her into a box for me with her collar on top. So sweet of her, but so sad. So it was especially nice to get such a sweet card from Barb today... I needed a bit of sunshine in my world today.

That's Lily on the right.. the white one. Her mom is Izzy on the right and her sister is Lacey in the middle. :(


  1. lorrie, so sorry about your sweet kitty. Glad I could brighten your awful day a bit.

  2. Oh Lorrie, I am so sorry about your cat. I am glad Barb was able to brighten you day. SENDING BIG HUGS TO YOU

  3. Lorrie, Im so sorry that Lily got hit. and the vase and the grouchy boss. I wish I could come over and give you a hug. Looks like Barb's card help you out a little. It really is a pretty card. HUGS [ ]

  4. Wow when it rains it pours. So sorry about Lily that it terrible. Glad you got her card today. That was nice.