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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 251, 2010

Today I was walking to drop the Fed Ex off at another building downtown... and I walked by this statue.. and it struck me (though I've walked passed it a thousand times).. what an odd place for a statue of a gorilla.. it's outside the South Bend Chocolate Factory. Sometimes you go by it and there is a water bowl sitting at it's feet..? I never ever give it a second thought... but today it caught my attention.. how curious! LOL


  1. I guess even a gorilla likes chocolate. ;)

  2. Looks like he's guarding a square of chocolate??

    Reminds me of a T-shirt I have that says: "Give me all of your chocolate and no-one gets hurt." :-)

  3. Well I am curious now, you will have to investigate and found out why they have a gorilla in front of the store. lol

  4. Crazy where they put these statues. We have those critters at McD's. Why??? The bowl at the feet is pretty funny.

  5. Funny how you never notice things like that...and pretty soon they become the potd! Now you can "watch" this guy and if he has any "accessories" get another shot at potd!