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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Day 269, 2010

Katie and Daisy have taken to kissing sessions.  I don't know exactly if that's what they are doing, but they will lay like this and just kiss each other for 20 minutes or so.  I think it's so funny... but disturbing at the same time!  :~P

Again, Ashlea and Richie were over today for dinner, did I take a photo?  NO!  What's wrong with me?  I don't photograph my kids, but my dogs kiss and I'm out with the camera like a mother with a newborn.  I think I have issues! :(

Oh!!! I just remembered.  Doug and I went to the movie this morning at 10AM.. (first time we've done that).  We saw the new Wall Street - Money Never Sleeps... EXCELLENT!  Loved it.  I did take a picture with my purse camera.. I'll post that later.  Duh, Lorrie!


  1. How funny, I have always wondered if I should get another dog for Bandit to play with or make out with. LOL Im glad to hear the movie is good. I really want to see it.

  2. That is hysterical! Maybe they are just giving each other a facial ;)

  3. You are so so funny Lorrie..well at least Katie has excepted Daisy... they are so cute "kissing".

  4. That is totally hilarious!! Cute, tho!! lol

  5. My dogs do that too Lorrie so don't fret it. I want to see that movie. Thanks for the review.