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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 262, 2010

Today is one of my BFF's Birthdays... Happy Birthday, Jodie!!   We celebrated Friday night.  I got her the Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher and a bottle of her favorite wine.. .:)     Jodie is the one who got me into scrapping.   She and I have known each other since we were in third grade.  She used to live down the road from me.. Or I lived down the road from her!  ha ha.   Anyway.. she's a lot of fun and the most incredible involved mom ever.  She's a boyscout leader, a girlscout leader and every other school related leader you could be!  :)  She also is crazy busy with her husband, two kids and four horses and a whole lot of camping.


  1. Happy Birthday Jodie. She looks like a fun person to have for a BFF

  2. Well Happy Birthday Jodie, from the sounds of it she can really use that bottle of wine to relax. LOL how cool to have a friend for so long.